Thursday, April 19, 2012

The fear factor

I am stating two events here which shows the difference of mental states of people in different part of the world.

First Event
Place: London
One of my friend's friend started living in a peaceful colony in London. On the very first day he was trying to cook rice in his pressure cooker (which obviously had a whistle). When the whistle went off one of the neighbour, who had no experience with such pressure cooker, called the cops and informed for some terrorist activity. Police came like a bomb defusing squad they seized the cooker and took it for inspection. They returned it two days later but advised not to use it.

Second Event
Place: Bangalore
During one of the cricket match there was a news of a bomb-blast near entry gate. Fortunately no one got hurt in that blast. When my friend came back after the match, I asked about the blast. He said that he was sitting just near to the entrance gate and her heard the blast but he thought it was a someone celebrating with fire-crackers.

There can be many conclusion taken from these two real events but what I understood is that the people who live in a safe place get panicked easily.

Monday, April 16, 2012

An Unusual Interview

There are many interview jokes floating around the internet and social networking sites. Let me tell you about a real interview I gave for the second job of my career:

Date - 28-Feb-2005
Place - Mumbai
My work experience - 4 months

[ Time - 12:00 PM ]
Interviewer: B.Sc (Comp. Sc.) takes 4 years to complete. How come it took 5 years for you to complete?

Me: In MP it takes only 3 years but I got failed 2 times.

[ Some here and there question/answer ]

Interviewer: Why did you left your last job?

Me: I did not resign. I was terminated.

[ Time - 12:30 PM ]
[ Multiple rounds of technical interviews including one by CTO himself ]

[ Time - 06:00 PM ]
HR Manager: Here is your offer letter, the salary will be as per your expectation and you can join from tomorrow.

This is a true story of myself which strengthened my belief in "Hard work pays off" or "खुदी को कर बुलंद इतना...". It happened because my hard-work during college brought me to a level where I was able to answer all the technical questions accurately which compelled the interviewers to give me that job despite of my academic failures.